Volunteer together!  Recruit your family, friends, or co-workers

Almost every assignment can accommodate a group of volunteers.  Whether you are part of a community group, corporation or an area organization, we’d love to have your support during Ride Weekend.  Your group may choose to adopt a specific area such as a rest stop, or we can arrange to have your group work together in various locations throughout campus.

How can you get your group signed up?  Follow these easy steps:

  1. Select a volunteer leader for your group. This person will be an important liaison with The Ride team to help organize and recruit participants.
  2. Contact The Ride office to arrange for a Volunteer Coordinator to make a presentation to your group. This will help recruit and encourage participants!
  3. Determine how many members of your group are available and interested in participating during Ride Weekend.
  4. Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to determine placement of your group volunteers.
  5. Help your group volunteers complete all required registration information.
  6. Rally and encourage your group volunteers leading up to Ride Weekend!