Team Spotlight: Team Grey Matters


Team Grey Matters became involved in The Ride For Roswell four years ago. Their captain, Michelle, leads the team in honor of her sister, Janice. Jan was diagnosed six years ago with a grade IV glioblastoma and has been treated at Roswell since. In fact, Jan is the one who donated the victory bell that hangs in the Roswell Park lobby to help others proudly celebrate the completion of their treatment! Although Jan was unable to ride last year due to chemotherapy side effects, she is prepping for the 3-mile ride this year, along with her husband, Mike, and good friend Chris!

Michelle spoke about what The Ride means to Team Grey Matters: “Everyone on our team knows someone who is or was a cancer patient. The Ride gives us hope that research will one day manage, cure and hopefully prevent cancer. The Ride is a wonderful experience from a number of standpoints. It exemplifies a community effort to raise money to fight the world’s most devastating disease. At the same time, for our younger participants, it reveals qualities we should all strive to have in our everyday lives — the empathy and leadership to drive to a solution for a worthy cause.

We asked Michelle what her favorite part about Ride Day is.

“This is hard to say. I’m always amazed at the sheer number of riders there are. What is also impressive is how many energetic volunteers are out on the roadside cheering us on. They give us so much energy! It’s truly motivating to see them at the intersections.

“The pre-ride events, lining up for the start, spending time with family and friends in achievement of a common goal and accomplishing our annual goals all rank high on our list of favorites.”

Michelle’s advice to anyone considering forming a team is simple:

“We say go for it! If this is your first year, ride as an individual or join a bigger team to figure out how The Ride works. After that, start working on your team and goals early, register as soon as it opens and strategize! We set bigger goals this year — more riders and more donations — so we were dedicated to an early start.

“The benefits of a team in The Ride are many but intangible. To know you have a team of companions and/or family members riding to support a cure for a friend or a loved one is an extraordinary experience. Understanding that your team is part a larger community effort all with a common goal of beating this dreadful disease is awe-inspiring!”

Be sure to cheer on Michelle, Jan and their team members as they cross the finish line on June 23, or stop by their team tent!

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