Show your Commitment to Ending Cancer


Did you know that fundraisers who donate to their personal campaigns raise more money than those who don’t?

Show your donors your commitment to the cause that you are asking them to support.

Donating to yourself is a great way to kick off your fundraising, and this year we are giving those that do, a special reward. If you make a donation to yourself during registration we will mail you a wristband that says, “Committed to Ending Cancer.” We are encouraging all riders that get these special wristbands to wear them proudly throughout Ride season.

As an added perk, this wristband can serve as a great conversation starter! If someone sees you wearing it, they may ask you how you are committed to ending cancer. Then, you can share your story with them, and let them know you are raising critically needed funds to support cancer research at Roswell Park.

So, register today and make a donation to your ride! Then, when you get your wristband, make sure you share on social media why you are riding this year. Let everyone know that you donated, so now they should too!


Register Today!