Virtual Riders

Register and fundraise as a virtual rider!

What is a virtual rider?

The typical virtual rider is someone who can’t actually ride on Ride Day, but who chooses to support cancer research and patient-care by fundraising.  It could be that they’re physically unable, out of town, booked for a family event, working – or even volunteering at The Ride!

Virtual riders can join individually or as part of a team, and virtual riders register for free! There is no fundraising minimum for virtual riders but if you raise $300 or more, you’ll be eligible for rider rewards!

Why be a virtual rider?

You’re volunteering at The Ride

Many Ride For Roswell volunteers are also our most dedicated supporters, and are eager to take that extra step to help raise the critical funds needed for Roswell Park. Becoming a virtual rider allows you to do both!

You live out of town or you have to work

If your friends, family or co-workers are riding and you’re not able to physically join them on Ride Day, you can still be a part of the team! When you register, click “Join a Team” and then select Virtual Rider instead of selecting a route. If you’re local, consider organizing a team ride on another day or if you’re out of town, do one in your city or town!

You’re going to a wedding or graduation, or you’ll be on vacation – but want to help

June is prime time for weddings, graduations and family trips. Even if you have another commitment that day, going virtual allows you to lend your support and be there in spirit!

How do I become a virtual rider?

Just complete the normal Ride registration process. When you’re asked to select a route, choose the last option — “Virtual Rider.”

No matter how you choose to support The Ride, we need you, so consider becoming a virtual rider!