Family Fun at The Ride

Participating in The Ride For Roswell is more fun with your family! It’s also a great way to teach your kids about giving back to the community. Children who engage in fundraising may gain confidence, improve communication skills, learn about personal responsibility, and practice their math and financial skills. Fundraising also helps children develop moral judgment and a better understanding of civic responsibility.

Plus, riding a bike is a healthy activity your whole family can do together!

Family-Friendly Routes

There are routes for every age and skill level but three of our twelve routes are perfect for families:

  • 3-Mile Family Route – As the name implies, this is a great route for families! It usually takes about an hour to complete this ride, which features a recreational loop on the UB and Amherst bike paths along Ellicott Creek and through the woods. There’s a rest stop at the halfway point to relax and regroup.
  • 10-Mile River Route – Looking for something a bit longer and more challenging than the 3-mile route? The 10-Mile River Route is a great choice. It offers a sampling of paved roads, bike paths, and parks, as you ride from UB to Ellicott Creek, through Ellicott Creek Park, and home via the Amherst bike path.
  • 14-Mile RosRoll – This is your chance to take part in the urban cycling phenomenon that is Slow Roll Buffalo and see iconic Buffalo landmarks. For this special RosRoll, the Slow Roll Buffalo volunteer squad will provide ride leadership and support for a route that starts and finishes at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The entire group of riders rides together at a leisurely pace of 8 mph – 10 mph from Roswell Park, along city streets and bikeways to see iconic Buffalo landmarks and parks along the way. Unlike other rides, the group paces together in an effort to see and experience the community, not to ride fast.


Top Youth Fundraisers of 2016

The fundraising minimum for The Ride is $200, but for youths (anyone 17 and under) the fundraising minimum is only $50. So a family of four only has to raise $500 to participate in The Ride!

Some of The Ride’s top fundraisers are kids! In 2016, our top three youth fundraisers raised a combined total of $71,257. Here are a couple tips from our youth fundraisers on how kids can kick-start their fundraising efforts:

  • Ask your principal for permission to host a themed dress-up day, and charge $1 for your classmates to participate.
  • Go door-to-door in your neighborhood. Offer to help a neighbor rake leaves or shovel their driveway in exchange for a donation to your Ride fundraising.
  • Host a lemonade stand at a busy corner in your neighborhood on a hot day – or a hot chocolate stand on a cold day!

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