This blog was written by cancer survivor and rider, Paul Page.

I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Mantel Cell Lymphoma, with traces of esophageal and colon cancer. My wife of over 44 years, Barbara, is the caregiver of my life; Barb exceeds and succeeds to bring me to reality. She was there for me during the six-week long, in-house treatments, and was at my side 24 hours a day after my bone marrow transplant. Barb gave up FOUR self-created businesses to be with me during my treatment and recovery. Her reality was “Life will never be the same….”

I couldn’t believe that it had happened to me – to US. Just a poor boy from the streets of Buffalo trying to do good, and a girl from the suburbs.  Amongst the chaos, there were four kids, five grandchildren, and a sustainable farm – dogs, cats, donkeys, cows, and eventually peacocks. Why? Because you can never imagine that YOU will be the one with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Mantel Cell Lymphoma. It was a full plate!

After my diagnosis, Dr. Hernandez and his team came up with a plan. A protocol, he said, an experimental drug from Germany. I looked at Barb and asked for the papers without a doubt in my mind. Somehow, some way, the protocol worked.

As of March 2015, I am cancer free!  “The Ride For Roswell is coming soon,” my wife shouted to me. I replied “What? I want to ride, I can ride all day, I have the stamina!”  Ride day 2015, pouring rain, only four months after my transplant, with no respirator. Here I was, at the finish line with a bell in my hand, doing what I can. How blessed we are to have Roswell Park.

2017 is here and the need is greater than ever! Our team, Rockin’ Riders, is getting set to go. We have 11 riders, all accepting sponsors and our goal is the SKY. On June 24, Ride Day of RFR17, it’s about the riders, it’s about the sponsors, and it’s about the volunteers. And it’s about helping people just like me.