Last Minute Fundraising Tips


With less than a week left until Ride Weekend, it’s time to get your last-minute fundraising in!  Here are some tips and tricks on how to reach your goal in time!

  1. Keep posting your fundraising page on social media! The more people see it across their feed, the more they’ll think about it and want to get involved.  You can even create a Facebook group that has your fundraising page link and information in the description that you can invite your friends and family to join.
  2. Include the link to your fundraising page in your email signature. Even though The Ride is around the corner, it doesn’t hurt to keep reminding people of the cause.  By putting the link to your donation page in your signature, it’s a friendly reminder that they still have time to donate.
  3. Ask local businesses to match what you’ve raised so far! This is an easy way for local businesses to get involved with their community.  It doesn’t hurt to give them a shout out on social media as a thank you. Pay it forward!
  4. Create a sense of urgency. Let’s be honest, people tend to say to themselves, “I’ll donate later.”  Well, now is the perfect time to send that last minute reminder. Let your potential donors know that the clock is ticking and THE TIME IS NOW!
  5. Be sure to say thank you. Pick up the phone and give a call to everyone who has already donated to you.  Let them know you’re only (insert dollar amount here) away from getting to your goal.  They may have suggestions of who to ask, or they may even donate again!