Youth Fundraisers

The Ride For Roswell is Western New York’s largest single-day fundraiser, and youth fundraisers (defined as riders who are 17 years and younger) are an important part of the event’s success! Of the event’s 10,000 participants, more than 1,000 riders and volunteers are young people. In 2016, a record 59 kids and teens achieved “Extra Mile Club” status by raising $1,000 or more for cancer research at Roswell Park – including three in the top 10 overall fundraisers – proving that anyone can do it if they put their mind to it! Here are a few easy ways that you can get involved with The Ride:

  • Create a school team. It only takes two riders to make up a team!
  • Ask your principal for permission to host a themed dress-up day, and charge $1 for your classmates to participate.
  • Place piggy banks in each homeroom and create friendly competition.
  • Go door-to-door in your neighborhood. Offer to help a neighbor rake leaves or shovel their driveway in exchange for a donation to your Ride fundraising.
  • Host a lemonade stand at a busy corner in your neighborhood on a hot day – or a hot chocolate stand on a cold day!

And here are some helpful tips from some of our youth Extra Mile Club members!


AJ Walczak:

“One of my tips for fundraising is to make sure you have multiple ways to raise money. I send out donation request letters and emails, I ask neighbors if I can take back their bottles and cans, and I hold a fundraiser at my school. I have the Ride Piggy Banks at Uncle Joe’s Diner and at Bases Loaded too. Plus, I try to hold some sort of raffle. All of the money raised goes right to my Ride For Roswell page. Every penny counts!!”


Alexander and Jonathan Grano:

“Think about how you can do something fun with your friends and get other kids involved by having an event right in your own backyard! In 2007, I (Alex) had an idea to have a small basketball event on our backyard court to help raise money to fight cancer. With my whole family behind me, it turned into a large tournament with many sponsors, almost 100 participants, huge prizes and an awesome showing of support from the community and our local area College Basketball Teams. The success of this maiden event led to 8 additional tournaments in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Over 800 boys, girls and even coaches have played the basketball shooting game ‘Knockout’ and over $35,000 has been raised from these nine events, all which was donated directly to The Ride For Roswell and Roswell Park Cancer Institute.”


Sara Williams:

“About half the money I raise is by having hot dog sales and by 2 local businesses letting me place a bank in their stores.”


Luca Comaratta:

“Luca’s tip is to get your classmates and teachers involved. The teachers at his school, Smallwood Elementary in Amherst, have organized a raffle & basket auction to support Luca’s ride. Luca also recommends asking your family to ask all of their friends! Luca’s goal is to raise the most money of any kid doing the ride this year. His dad, Ross, rode the 100 mile ride for the past few years before he got sick with leukemia.”


Luke Gworek:

“Team Luke does all sorts of fundraisers; however, the one that Luke assists with most is the collection of cans and bottles. He then takes them to our local redemption center where we have an account set up for the community to add to. So far Team Luke has raised over $400 doing this.”


Sydney Dobmeier:

“You can collect cans and bottles and return them for money.  Also you can make cupcakes with your mom and dad and sell them.”


Sammi Van Wicklin:

“Contact as many people as you can, at school, in your neighborhood, businesses that your mom and dad use, your dad and mom’s work friends, and even your waiter or waitress at your favorite restaurant. Offer to ride in honor or in memory of someone and carry those names with you on The Ride (I learned that from Mr. Mitch).

Emails are great, and the more personal you make them the more money you will raise to get rid of cancer! Be sure to put the link to your web page on it and your address in case people want to send a check.

And I think that emails sent out in the beginning of the week raise more money than ones sent out at the end of the week. That’s just the way it works for me!

Oh and it never hurts to do a youtube video and make it memorable:

Good luck!!!!”


Grace Boring:

“My best fundraising tip is ask EVERYONE you see.  People can’t say ‘yes’ unless you ask.

I was out to dinner with my Meema and Papa the other night and I told our waiter I was riding.  I handed him a Ride business card with my address on back and a week later received a donation check in the mail for $50!!  I couldn’t believe it!

Plain and simple……. ask, ask ask – Donations can come from the most unexpected places!”

For more tips, visit our Fundraising Tips page.