Fundraising Tools


Set your goal high and let these fundraising tools do the talking!

Printable Tools: Download and print these at your convenience

  • Ride Poster: Paint the town “Ride” and hang up posters to spread the word that The Ride is coming.
  • Team PosterRecruit your friends and family to join your Ride team using this poster.
  • Personal Thermometer: Share your fundraising progress!  Use this fundraising thermometer to track the total donations you’ve raised let everyone know how close you are to reaching your goal.
  • Team Thermometer: Share your team’s progress!  Use this fundraising thermometer to track the total donations your team has raised and keep everyone updated on how close you are to reaching your goal.
  • Donation Sheet: Keep track of your donation amounts by listing out all of your pledges and donors’ information. This will be helpful to know exactly where you are with your fundraising. This list is also a helpful reference when sending out thank you notes!
  • Sample Fundraising Letter: This letter is full of information that will engage your donors with all of the wonderful ways their donation will be put to good use.  Download the letter to customize the greeting line at the top and to personalize with your name at the bottom!
  • Business Cards: Engage others in a conversation about why you Ride and ask them to join you! Business cards are a great, quick way to share information on how to donate to your Ride or how to join your team.
  • Ride Fundraising Guide: This booklet is a comprehensive list of our most effective fundraising tools to help you meet and exceed your goals!
  • Team Captain Guide 2017: This booklet will walk you through everything you need to know, from registering your team to getting ready for Ride Weekend.

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Ride Logos

Deck out your team T-shirts, fundraising flyers and custom thank you notes with Ride logos from the links below.

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