Fundraising Tips


Expand your network

Start with the obvious donors: your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. But don’t stop there! Consider asking the following groups for their support:

    • Colleagues
    • High school and college classmates (past or present)
    • Members of your place of worship
    • Members of any clubs or organizations you belong to
    • People with whom you do business
    • Professionals like your doctor, dentist and accountant
    • Anyone for whom you’ve done a favor

Start the conversation on social media
Post your fundraising goal, fundraising progress and thank donors on your social media pages. It’s a nice way to engage friends and recognize those who help you reach your goal. Visit The Ride Facebook page to download a badge or cover photo that you can use on your page!

Keep materials in your back pocket
You never know when you’ll run into a potential donor. Carry Ride business cards with your goal written on them, or hand out Ride postcards. Leave something behind  to remind your prospects of your request even after your conversation is over. Follow up a week or two after your initial request and don’t take silence or no response as a “no.” Often, donors are just busy or forgot, and they’ll appreciate the reminder.
Know and emphasize the importance of Ride donations
Inform your donors why their support is so crucial to finding cancer cures and saving lives. Start by reading and communicating the research studies and patient-care programs that donors’ support will fund. Share this video in emails and through social media. Finally, print out our pre-printed letter and mail it to your supporters.
Fundraising tools
Click here for more fundraising tools, including printable materials.You can mail check donations to:
Roswell Park Alliance Foundation
PO Box 644
Buffalo, NY 14240-0644Note: make sure the check is made out to “The Ride For Roswell” and the rider’s name is listed in the memo field.

Double your donations with matching gifts
If you work for a company that matches the money you raise, or if one of your donors works for a company that does, you can double your donations with matching gifts! Visit our FAQ page to find out how.

Host a fundraiser
Invite all of your friends (and their friends) to a fundraising event or party. Include a 50/50 raffle and prizes to engage your guests. Print out fundraising materials to educate your friends on The Ride and maybe even recruit them to Ride alongside you! Contact The Ride for ideas for your fundraiser, or to get banners for your event.

Join Us For Beers & Gears
Want to host a happy hour fundraiser but not sure how? We’ve got you covered! Come to one of our Beers & Gears happy hours! Admission is $20 and includes two drink tickets and a $10 donation to the rider of your choice, including you! Click here for dates and locations.

Big and small gestures are both successful ways to ask
The Ride’s top fundraisers are successful because they think both big and small. They reach out to as many people as they can and set their goals high, but they also pay attention to the details. They develop and update a list of people to ask for donations, track their fundraising progress and make sure to thank their donors so they can go back to them the following year.

Don’t give up
You won’t receive a donation from everyone you send an email to, but often, the second round of emails you send yield the highest results. Be sure to send an email to everyone who didn’t donate the first time around to ask, “I wanted to be sure you saw I’m participating in The Ride For Roswell, and would love to have your support!”

Ask for help
Ride ambassadors are Extra Mile Club members who want to see you succeed! If you’re having trouble reaching your goal, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with one. They’ll share their fundraising advice and experience with you. If you’re interested in talking to one of them, email us or call 716-THE-RIDE (843-7433).

For more tips, check out our fundraising blog.