Fundraising Dashboard How-to

As of last year, we have a new and improved fundraising platform that makes fundraising, donating and communicating easy, and integrates seamlessly with mobile devices & social media in a user-friendly format for you and your donors. If you need help registering and personalizing your fundraising page, watch our tutorials.

Earn a Badge

Want to earn online fundraising badges and proudly share your achievements with your family and friends?  Complete any of the fundraising actions below to earn each badge!  Badges will then automatically display on your personal fundraising page.  How many can you earn?

Badge Name Description
Changed personal story or image on their donation page
Communicator Sent 5 emails or more
Goal Reached fundraising goal
Overachiever Raised 2x fundraising goal
Self-Donor  Personal donation
Virtual Rider
Peloton Rider
Ready to Ride Achieved $200 in fundraising
Gearing up Achieved $500 in fundraising
Going the extra mile Achieved $1000 in fundraising
Ride Champion Achieved $2500 in fundraising
Roswell Champion  Achieved $10,000 in fundraising