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Registration FAQ

How do I register as a rider for The Ride For Roswell?
Click here to register for The Ride For Roswell.  You will fill out a short registration form and receive a confirmation email upon completion.

Can children participate in The Ride?
Yes. Children age 17 and younger can ride any route other than the Peloton for a minimum fundraising commitment of $50. All minors (age 17 and under) must be registered by a parent or guardian, and all riders age 15 and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on their route. Children too small to ride can accompany riding parents in a trailer or bike seat with no additional fundraising commitment. All minor children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please note that helmets are required for all children as well as adults. Children under 12 months of age cannot safely wear a helmet.

Why can’t I register more than one person under my e-mail address?
For security reasons, our new registration & fundraising system requires a unique email address for each participant. Therefore, if you’re registering kids or other riders without email accounts, you may need to use your personal email, your work email or a spouse or relative’s email address. If you need assistance with this step, please contact us and a representative from The Ride will be happy to assist you.

How much does it cost to ride?
The registration fee for most riders is $20.  The minimum fundraising commitment is $200 for adults (or $500 for the Canada route) and $50 for youth riders (ages 17 and under). All riders are required to turn in the minimum fundraising commitment by Ride Day, June 24, in order to participate.

Why is there a $200 minimum fundraising commitment in addition to my registration fee?
When you register for The Ride For Roswell, your participation means more than just a ride.  You have also accepted a fundraising challenge to help further Roswell Park Cancer Institute’s goal to find cancer cures and save lives. Funds raised through The Ride For Roswell go to the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Through events like The Ride, The Alliance Foundation raises funds for Roswell Park’s cutting-edge research and compassionate patient care-programs.

To assist you in achieving your fundraising commitment, we’ve made our most effective fundraising tips and tools available on our website.  For more information on where the funds go, click here.

Why is the minimum fundraising commitment for the Canada route higher?
While the 102-mile route is reserved for the most serious cyclists, the Canada route is intended for our most dedicated fundraisers. In 2016, more than 2,100 riders raised more than $500, and you can too with the help of our proven fundraising tips and tools. Your extra effort will be rewarded with this unique International route that travels  over the Peace Bridge, then along the Niagara Parkway with a scenic view of Niagara Falls and Gorge before crossing back over the Whirlpool Bridge.

I am not in great shape. Can I still ride?
With routes starting at just 3 miles, The Ride has routes for everyone from beginners to advanced riders. For information about your route options, click here.

How do I change my route?
Contact The Ride and your request will be handled as soon as possible, subject to available route capacity. For safety purposes, it’s important to know exactly which riders are on each route.

Are there registration discounts for any riders?
The following groups receive discounts on their registration fees:

When you select your rider type during the registration process, you’ll notice there is a registration fee. In order for you to receive free or discounted registration, you must enter the discount code that was emailed to you. If you have any questions, please call 716-THE-RIDE (843-7433).


Ride Day FAQ

What is the date of The Ride For Roswell and where is it held?
The Ride For Roswell is on Saturday, June 24, on UB’s North Campus in Amherst, N.Y. The first route start time for The Ride For Roswell is 6:15 a.m. on Saturday; start times vary by route.

Where does The Ride start and finish?
With the exception of the Peloton, Canada route and RosRoll route, all routes start and finish at UB’s North Campus in Amherst. The Peloton is on Friday and travels from Roswell Park to UB; the Canada route is on Saturday, and starts from Roswell, riding to UB. The RosRoll route is on Saturday, and starts and finishes at Roswell.

Can I register the morning of the event? 
Based on route safety capacity, day-of registration may be available for some routes. Most routes typically reach their safety capacity in advance of The Ride.

What should I bring with me on Ride Day?

What if it rains?
The Ride For Roswell will take place rain or shine.

Do you have procedures in place for medical or weather-related emergencies?
All key committee and staff members are trained for safety, medical, weather and bike-related emergencies. Local, county and state police, as well as EMS officials support our safety plan. For information on safety, click here.

Is food provided at The Ride?
Yes. Breakfast foods will be available when you arrive at UB or Roswell Park on Saturday. Along each route, rest stops will have drinks and refreshments. After you complete The Ride, lunch will be available at UB.

What are the routes and what times do they start?
Please review the routes and schedule of their start time on the Route Details page.

When should I check in for my route?
Check-in is one hour before each start time. Staggered starts may be necessary to ensure that everyone gets onto the routes with minimum congestion.

Are helmets required?
Yes, each rider is required to wear an approved bike helmet (with CPSC or ASTM certified sticker). Volunteers will be checking for helmets at the starting line, and Riding Marshals will make sure they are worn for the entire Ride.

Where are the rest stops and what will I find at them?
Rest stops are located along all the routes at approximately 10-mile intervals. You’ll be able to take a break, grab a snack, use the bathroom and get help with any needed bike repairs or first-aid issues. Rest stops have fruit, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, water, port-a-potties or indoor bathrooms, certified EMTs or nurses and experienced bike mechanics.

What if I get a flat tire or have a bike breakdown on the route?
Riding Marshals have basic bike repair tools and are trained to fix flats. Additionally, bike mechanics continually travel each route in vehicles to provide minor bike repair services. Mechanics can also be found at each rest stop.

What happens if I get hurt?
Route Guides are stationed at most critical turns and intersections along the routes and can help you contact Ride Communications to send a support vehicle or certified first aid personnel. Each rest stop has a certified first aid provider or registered nurse.

What time do the routes close? What if I’m still riding?
Each route has its own closing time based on a reasonable riding pace for the distance. Riders who do not reach route “gates” on time will be asked to divert to short cuts in order to keep riding.

Fundraising FAQ

What is my fundraising minimum?

The fundraising minimum for all routes (except Canada and the Peloton) is $200 for adults. For youth riders (17 years and under), the fundraising minimum is $50 for all routes (including Canada). Adult Canada riders must raise $500. To be eligible for the Peloton, riders must raise $1,000 or more.

Click here for a helpful table that explains each route’s fundraising minimum, benefits and more tips on how to achieve your goal!

What is the fastest, most efficient way to donate? 

Making a donation by credit card will immediately post on the rider’s fundraising page. The donor will receive a receipt within their confirmation email and the rider will receive a donation notification. Donations are also accepted in the form of cash or by check.

How can I deliver cash or checks?

Check donations may be mailed to:

Roswell Park Alliance Foundation
PO Box 644
Buffalo, NY 14240-0644

Make sure the check is made out to “The Ride For Roswell” and the rider’s name is listed in the memo field.

Please do not send cash in the mail. You can drop it off at the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation main office located at 901 Washington St. (on the corner of Washington & Carlton Streets) between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Click here for directions.

*NOTE: We will accept cash and checks at the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation office through Friday, June 17. After that, it’s best to hang on to them and turn them in at Packet Pickup. 


How long will it take for cash, checks or matching gifts to post to my fundraising page?

Please allow 10 business days after receipt for mailed donations to be processed and posted to your fundraising page. Donations made online will processed and posted immediately. Please note: mailed donations must be received by The Ride office at least 10 days prior to The Ride to be included within your Ride Day total.

How can I find out if my company will match gifts for the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation?

Whether you work for a company that matches the money you raise, or if one of your donors works for a company that does, you can double your donations by doing the following:

The Ride For Roswell – Matching Gifts
Elm & Carlton Streets
Buffalo, NY 14263

If after contacting your Human Resources Department you still have a Matching Gift question, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Team FAQ

How many people are on a team?
You only need two people to form a team. So grab a friend and you’ve got your team!  There is no limit to the size of your team either.

How do I start a team?
Designate someone (or yourself) as the team captain. During the registration process, you’ll come to a step asking if you’d like to be an individual rider, create a new team or join an existing team. Just follow the directions to “Form a team“. Then let your teammates know the name of your team, and how to spell your name, since they may have to search the system for your name to join. If you’re a team captain returning from last year, you’ll need to recreate your team this year.

How do I join a team?
When joining a team, be sure that your team captain is registered first and that you know the team name and/or the team captain’s name (and how to spell it). When registering select “Join a Team.” Find your team’s name and follow the prompts to complete registration.

I forgot to join my team when I registered. Can I change my team or join a team?
Yes. From your Fundraising HQ you can change your team membership. On the right hand side click on the copy “Change Team Membership”, enter the team name or captain’s first or last name and search. When the correct team name appears click on the Join Team button.

Do all my teammates have to ride the same route? 
No! You can each ride any route you like. Your team can even include virtual riders.

Can donations be made to my team instead of me as an individual? 
Yes! Although we cannot currently accept general team donations online, your donors can make a check payable to The Ride For Roswell and include a list of team members and their pledge amounts, so they may be properly credited. They can mail their check to The Ride office, or drop off checks or cash pledges at The Ride office.

Volunteer FAQ

How do I sign up to volunteer?
Click here to sign up as a volunteer! If your desired volunteer assignment is not listed as available, just e-mail RideForRoswell@roswellpark.org or call (716) THE-RIDE (843-7433) for assistance.

Is there anything I can do to get ready now?

Yes!  You can recruit your family, friends and colleagues to volunteer at The Ride. When volunteer registration opens, you can sign up to volunteer together.

Can children volunteer?
Yes, anyone age 14 or older is welcome to volunteer; however, individuals age 14 to 18 must volunteer alongside a parent or guardian. For safety reasons, we cannot allow volunteers under the age of 14.

I’m riding on Saturday. Can I still volunteer?
Yes, you can volunteer on Thursday and Friday at Packet Pickup or at the Celebration of Hope. If you’re a seasoned cyclist (you know the rules of the road and how to fix a flat and use basic tools), you can volunteer as a Riding Marshal. You will serve as an extra set of eyes on the route to assist riders.

What are the benefits of being a volunteer?
As a volunteer, you and your guests are invited to the free Celebration of Hope, receive complimentary food and beverages at UB, get a volunteer T-shirt to wear proudly while volunteering and throughout the year  and, most importantly, you’ll be making a difference in our community and a significant contribution to the fight against cancer.


For more information on volunteering, call the Ride office at (716) THE-RIDE (843-7433).

Extra Mile Club FAQ

What is the Extra Mile Club?
The Extra Mile Club (EMC) is a select group for riders who raise $1,000 or more for The Ride. EMC members are eligible to ride in the Peloton on Friday.  On Saturday, EMC members and a guest are invited to the Extra Mile Club tent at Baird Point where they can enjoy a massage, catered lunch and personal photograph. In the fall, members are invited to a special Extra Mile Club recognition event.

What’s the difference between the Extra Mile Club and the Peloton?
The Peloton is a special benefit of Extra Mile Club membership. It’s a 12-mile, police-escorted processional ride from Roswell Park to the University at Buffalo. The Peloton takes place Friday evening and its entrance into the UB stadium is one of the main features of the Celebration of Hope. Extra Mile Club members must register for the Peloton and qualify by raising $1,000 or more and completing a training ride.

What are the benefits of being in The Extra Mile Club?
Click here to learn more about the benefits of being in the Extra Mile Club.

Corporate/Sponsorship FAQ

How can my company become a sponsor?
The first step is to contact The Ride For Roswell by phone at 716-THE-RIDE (843-7433) or e-mail at RideForRoswell@roswellpark.org.

What are the benefits of being a sponsor?
Each sponsorship level has a complete package of benefits ranging from marketing exposure to sampling and product display.

Why sponsor this event?
When you support The Ride For Roswell, you are partnering with Western New York’s most powerful fundraising event. More than 10,000 individuals are involved with The Ride and funds raised benefit the more than 31,000 cancer patients we treat each year.

Where do the funds go?
Support from The Ride allows Roswell Park to accelerate new research focused on finding cures, recruit top doctors and scientists to our region and provide support programs to assist patients throughout their cancer journeys.  Click here to learn more.

Is it possible to contribute goods, services, or time as opposed to financial sponsorship?
Yes! Learn more about your options here.