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One spring day in 2012, Janice woke up with a horrible headache. Because her mom had had a brain aneurysm at a young age, Janice paid attention and called her […]

Arron Brown knows how to motivate a 4th grader: food. “Kids love working for food,” he says. Arron is a fourth-grade teacher at Pembroke Intermediate School in Pembroke, New York. […]

There are many powerful ways to support the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center’s goal of freeing our world from the fear, pain and loss of cancer. The funds raised during […]

For Renee Boltri, cancer has long been a part of her life. A native to Western New York, she has had many friends and relatives diagnosed with cancer throughout her […]

At Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, scientists are testing a two-pronged attack against cancer cells by super-charging the immune system. This therapy is being studied through a phase 1 clinical trial. “Cancer […]

We all have people, events and charities that pull at our heartstrings. The Ride For Roswell is one of those events that starts as a tug. You may ask yourself, […]

In May 2004, Kathleen went in for surgery for endometriosis. But her doctor quickly discovered that she was “loaded with cancer”: stage 3c ovarian cancer. The surgery plan changed radically, […]

Every dollar raised for The Ride For Roswell makes an impact. Each rider who signs up for The Ride helps the future of cancer research and cures. All donations get […]

Are you an introvert? If you are, you’ve probably been misunderstood your whole life. Despite being labeled as a shy, quiet, rather-stay-home-on-a-Friday-night type of person, you are much more than […]

Valerie Kaufman and her sister Stephanie have been riding in The Ride For Roswell for five years. Val first joined The Ride in 2013 because of her mother Natalie’s ovarian […]