When asked how she describes her late husband, Garett, Casey Steck-Comeau is ready with a running list. “He was a kind individual who loved his family,” she says. “He was […]

Sitting in the waiting room before radiation therapy can be scary, often bringing a harsh new meaning to the reality of a diagnosis. Roswell Park’s Teresa Kishel, Senior Radiation Therapist, […]

By the time Sara Sade learned that she had metastatic melanoma, hundreds of tumors had developed in her body, “from my feet to my head,” she recalls. “The disease had […]

Ovarian cancer is often called the silent killer because of its nebulous, evasive symptoms. Too often it’s not discovered until advanced stages. According to the American Cancer Society, the average […]

At Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, scientists are testing a two-pronged attack against cancer cells by super-charging the immune system. This therapy is being studied through a phase 1 clinical trial. “Cancer […]

In May 2004, Kathleen went in for surgery for endometriosis. But her doctor quickly discovered that she was “loaded with cancer”: stage 3c ovarian cancer. The surgery plan changed radically, […]

Every dollar raised for The Ride For Roswell makes an impact. Each rider who signs up for The Ride helps the future of cancer research and cures. All donations get […]

Anne Marie Comaratta knows Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and The Ride For Roswell very well. Maybe too well. Her husband, Ross, participated in The Ride For Roswell for nine […]

Brain cancer can be incredibly difficult to treat, which is why finding new therapeutic approaches is critical to saving lives. New research conducted by Drs. Robert Fenstermaker and Michael Cieselski […]

Imagine that your child is sick but no one can tell you what’s wrong. That’s what happened to Kyle’s parents when he took a strange fall and started having trouble […]