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Year 24: 2019

7,942 riders raise $5.5 million Top fundraiser: John Conciardo – $155,120 Top youth fundraiser: Samantha Van Wicklin – $22,755 Top team: Team West Herr The

Making Treatment Easier for Kids

Cancer and blood disorder treatments can be very scary for kids — full of loud, unfamiliar noises, bright lights, strange people, discomfort and pain. For

Your Ride Donations Make A Difference

How do donations to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center help launch new cancer research? Our partners at WGRZ Channel 2 stopped by to find out. Watch

Four Fundraising Tips for Introverts

Are you an introvert? If you are, you’ve probably been misunderstood your whole life. Despite being labeled as a shy, quiet, rather-stay-home-on-a-Friday-night type of person,

For His Mom: Why James Kurdziel Rides

If you listen to Buffalo’s 103.3 The Edge radio station, then you’ve probably heard James Kurdziel grace the airwaves. This week on his twitter account,