7 Fundraising Tips & Strategies


1. Know your stuff

  • When reaching out and asking for donations, people like to know exactly where their money is going.
  • Check out our “Where the Funds Go” page to learn all about the projects and research that are able to happen due to the funds raised every year by dedicated riders.

2. Create a Personal Connection

  • Everyone has been affected by cancer one way or another. The more you share your story the more of a connection people will feel.
  • Potential donors want to feel a sense of closeness towards your cause.

3. Ask for a Specific Amount

  • Take the burden off the donor by asking for a specific amount.
  • It can be intimidating asking for money, so by asking a specific amount, the donor does not have to try and figure out what size of a donation is necessary.

4. Promote Yourself on Social Media

  • Talk up your campaign on social media! People can share, retweet or like your stuff and that only helps you get the word out even more!
  • Try posting something and then ask 5 friends to share your post. You’d be surprised with how quick your page can get around.

5. Reach Out to Local Businesses

  • Local businesses love to get involved with their community.
  • Think of any companies that you may already have existing connections with, research them, and tell them how this donation will be beneficial to them.
  • Many businesses like to donate something more tangible than money. See if they are able to donate something like a gift basket that you can then raffle off.

6. Fundraising Events

  • Fundraising events are a great way to get you closer to your goal. They encourage donor participation, community involvement and can be fun for the whole family.
  • Events such as a carwash, auction, yard sale, restaurant fundraiser, or raffles are all great ways to get big bucks.
  • The Ride for Roswell also has fundraising events you can attend, including Beers & Gears and Strikes for Bikes.

7. Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

  • Make sure you’re acknowledging the people that donate to your ride. By sending them a personal letter, you’re letting them know how much they mean to not only your ride but Roswell as a whole.